Have I Lost My ‘Happy’?

Well here goes, the first post of my new blog. And seeing as the site is named ‘Find my Happy’, I suppose I ought to be asking the question of whether I have lost my ‘Happy,’ as otherwise, in theory, I wouldn’t need to be looking for it?

I’ll be honest, I don’t feel as though my Happy is missing, or as though I had a ‘happy’ previously that I currently lack. I do however feel as though happiness is transient, and I’m on a mission to find out what happiness is for me, and hopefully, in doing so, inspire other people to find a new and interesting Happy (or more than one!).

I hate to sound like I’m repeating myself, as I’ve mentioned this within my equivalent of the ‘About me’ page, however I feel it’s important to say. The inspiration that came behind creating ‘Find my Happy’ was from a number of sources, however a major part of it was talking about what happiness is. The conversation began after watching a TED talk – if you’ve never watched one, take a look at the offerings; there are talks on a wide range of topics so there’s likely something to appeal.

The talk I watched discussed the difference between happiness and success, in a nutshell questioning whether people need to change their definition of success if they are to achieve happiness. Many people measure success by reaching targets, but when those targets are met, it’s human nature that a further target gets placed beyond the initial goal. People believe that to be happy, they need to be successful, therefore this constant redefining of success means that happiness will never be achieved. Viewers were therefore challenged to think instead of doing what makes them happy, suggesting that by taking this approach, people will be successful because they are satisfied and enjoy what they are spending their life doing.

This talk sowed a seed, and the seed has grown into exploring the things that make me happy. As I feel at home writing blogs and creating digital records of my thoughts and musings, much more so than putting pen to paper (as for a start, I’d never be able to read my scrawl again, never mind share it!) creating ‘Find my Happy’ seemed natural. And here we are.

So my first post is an introduction, and also a clarification. I don’t think I’ve lost my Happy. Neither do I think I’m unhappy. By nature, I’m a bubbly, talkative individual and enjoy spreading happiness, but I would also like to be successful. So feel free to come along on the journey as I try to ‘Find my Happy’ and have lots of fun doing it!

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