A Happy A Day Makes The Smiles Stay

One of the biggest things I plan to do in order to find my happy is to look back on each day and try to identify what the highlight of that day has been. I mean, that shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve should it? At least one happy moment must occur every day?

I believe that if everybody was to spend a couple of minutes each day thinking back and looking for the part of the day that made them smile the most, reliving that moment could bring the smile and happy feeling back again.

I read recently that strong feelings and emotions are transient; happiness fades unless you feed it, however in the same way, a bad mood, sadness or anger does exactly the same thing. It’s really easy to feed dissatisfaction, but not many people practice feeding happy and positive moods, and this could be the ideal place to start.

So what’s my happy for today? Well I could pick the phone call that told me my wedding ring had arrived at the jeweller’s, however that was a small ‘woohoo’ moment for me rather than a Happy. How about collecting my fiance’s new telescope? Well I would say there is excitement there, and I will share in the star gazing and enjoy learning more about the night sky with him, but that would be more his Happy than mine; although seeing him giddy like a kid at Christmas when opening the boxes did bring a smile to my face.

I think today’s Happy will see a return to the wedding theme, as I asked a good friend to do a reading for me at my wedding in June, and she accepted, saying she was honoured to be asked. It seems like such a small thing to ask of somebody, but to receive a response back that not only ticks a box in the wedding plans, but makes you feel happy because of their response to your request amplifies the feeling. I think having considered a few fleeting moments of the day, which each by themselves could be a perfectly adequate Happy, has led me to settle upon today’s Happy, which came later on in the evening, but is no less important for having done so.

This exploration has given me time to pause, recollect the day’s activities and relive them, albeit not as strongly, but I have smiled at every thought and will go to sleep feeling happy about the positive points of the day rather than dwelling on negative thoughts. Try it for yourself, and see what your Wednesday Happy has been.

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